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Born in 1991. Coming from a decent family. I know computer since I was 4-5y old, my dad was a technology enthusiast. Back then I always watched how my dad repair broken old thrown pc where he get it from his company, then he keep bringing all hardware stuff to home. Since then I was curious what is he up to really, I decided to watch & learn computer…

The first OS I experienced at that time was Windows 95 (as far as I remember), I still remember that I’m clicking everywhere on the desktop without knowing anything other than play minesweeper & solitaire. I grew and always curious how does it works really. How did I learn? I broke computer countless of times since i was a kid. I delete system folder (also known as system32), I duplicate massively countless of folder, installing malware, spyware, adware, time-bomb, I increase power supply output, I bend CPU pin (out of curiousity) and too many to tell. Its funny somehow sad to think again. Its all part of the journey.

Long story short, as my technology curiosity grow. From learning & wrecking basic hardware at home, I pursue to study computer science, graduated in 2008. Computer back then not same as modern computer today, technology moved at very fast paced, there is a ton of new technology comes out within a year. Whatever you learn today, will be left out in the next several years. Believed me, I keep learn and never stop learning till today. That is why I create this blog so just to record all my works and share the knowledge. 

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